Ampache.cfg.php Parse Error

You've been redirected to this page because your /config/ampache.cfg.php was not parsable. If you are upgrading from 3.3.x please see the directions below.

Migrating from 3.3.x to >= 3.4.x

Ampache 3.4 uses a different config parser that is over 10x faster then the previous version. Unfortunately the new parser is unable to read the old config files. From inside the Ampache root directory you must run php bin/ from the command line to create your new config file.

The following settings will not be migrated by the script due to major changes between versions. The default values from the ampache.cfg.php.dist file will be used.

auth_methods (mysql)
This defines which auth methods Auth will attempt to use and in which order, if auto_create isn't enabled. The user must exist locally as well

tag_order (id3v2,id3v1,vorbiscomment,quicktime,ape,asf)
This determines the tag order for all cataloged music. If none of the listed tags are found then ampache will default to the first tag format that was found.

album_art_order (db,id3,folder,lastfm,amazon)
Simply arrange the following in the order you would like ampache to search if you want to disable one of the search method simply comment it out valid values are

amazon_base_urls (
An array of Amazon sites to search. NOTE: This will search each of these sites in turn so don't expect it to be lightning fast! It is strongly recommended that only one of these is selected at any

This variable no longer exists, all downsampling/transcoding is handled by the transcode_* please see config file for details.

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